About Us

About Giorgenti Custom Suits NY

We are proud to be the 5th generation of Italian master tailors and designers, holding dear to our traditions and heritage. We migrated from Italy to New York City in the late 1800s. Today, we still spin and weave many of our fabrics as well as using great branded Italian fabrics from Reda, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Dormeul.
Our style is high touch coupled with hi-Tec as we use the latest technologies developing techno fabrics and produce patterns with our cutting edge cad systems. We can even track your production in real-time.

Hundreds of Fabrics to Choose From

We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from including select exquisite wools, linens, cotton seersuckers, and silk fabrics, cashmere, and mohair. Giorgenti New York is a highly rated Custom Clothier in NYC with over 300 5 stars Google reviews. The name Giorgenti means experience.
To your delight, due to our excellent tailoring and craftsmanship, your Giorgenti NY custom suit will last longer than your other garments.

Get Creative

Specific details like functional buttonholes, unique buttons, ticket pockets, contrast stitching, and beautiful creative linings are all custom options we use to personalizing and creating your custom suit, or sport coat. Our team of talented designers will help you with these options.
Our custom suits and dress shirts are carefully crafted just for you. Giorgenti designers carefully take 31 measurements, to create a bespoke suit uniquely fitted just for you.

Who Wears Giorgenti New York’s Clothing?

Many customers value Giorgenti’s wardrobe advice enhancing their image thus advancing their careers. Giorgenti’s clients include sports figures, celebrities, and Fortune 500 executives from businesses like American Express, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, Citigroup, Pfizer, MetLife, Marriott, and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. along with individuals who just want to look their best. We also pride ourselves to be a pioneer in the wedding market.

Why buy Custom Clothing from Giorgenti New York

Giorgenti is the premier custom suit clothier for discerning clients in NYC. Giorgenti does not just create custom clothes; we earn your trust by defining your appearance with stunning wardrobes. Whether a suit, sport coat, tailored jeans, custom shirts or casual wear, each one will be crafted and fitted to your exact dimensions. Giorgenti New York clothing reflects our direct insight into the needs of our clients.

The Fitting Experience

There’s nothing like the status, exquisite styling, and comfort of custom-made clothing. It affirms your success level. The experience is truly fun, distinctive, individual and personal. Best of all, you’re going to have a wardrobe that fits you the way it should! At Giorgenti’s private men’s showroom in Garden City New York, only 6 miles from Queens New York and 23 miles from Manhattan, our clients can easily make appointments online, via email, texting or by simply calling.

Private Counseling

The fitting itself is a method through which our Giorgenti design team comes to understand you. It’s not a pushy sale but a friendly conversation. The meeting is where Giorgenti can get a sense of who you are, learn about your job, objectives, and ambitions, how you operate, communicate, and what clothing style best fits your requirements. This assessment enables us to establish rapport to better suit your needs.

Measurements and Evaluation

Giorgenti’s designers will then take measurements and analyze your attributes, including body shape, hair and eye color, skin tone, and physique, as they become the foundation for building and creating custom clothing that’s correct for your body type. Getting into the nuances of your face’s shape, the length of your neck, your chest to waist ratio and so on, helps us to map out the perfect pattern that we will use to create your custom suit.

The key to Customizing your Suit

The crafting of the suit, shirt or sport coat starts at this point. We help you select fabrics of different patterns, colors, textures, and styles, plus pick designs that compliment you. You can choose special linings personalized with your name monogram inside your suit or sport coat. Your wardrobe will be completely customized along with design choices that will make you feel like the suit you is truly unique to you.